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Cigar shopkeeper continues a family members heritage

Khalil partnered with founder Stephen Schuler to take over procedure of the premium cigar lounge, 7410 Madison St., in April. Khalil already had substantial experience selling cigars and running cigar lounges in Suite Park and Countryside.

Khalil has great cigarette in his blood, so to speak. As a young boy, he labored in his grandpa’s cigarette fields in his indigenous Jordan.

” My grandfather had olive trees and also expanded cigarette,” he recalled. “I was 9 when I was harvesting cigarette.” It was effort in the hot sunlight. “I came to the U.S. so I wouldn’t have to touch cigarette once more.”

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The young Jordanian came to America mainly to complete his education. He researched at the College of Du Page and also Triton University to make his degree in electrical design. He found himself being attracted back right into his grandfather’s organization.

In 1995, at the elevation of the cigar craze, he opened up 8 to 8 Stogies in Villa Park. The upscale lounge is celebrating its 20th Wedding anniversary as well as established the blueprint for Khalil’s other cigar organisations. Unlike a lot of lounges, Khalil does not bill a membership charge for smokers to kick back in the comfortable setups he provides. “Our lounges are readily available to people that acquire our stogies.”

Creating an inviting atmosphere for Casa De Purros consumers is the job of Khalil’s supervisor, Jim Cosmos. Both young men have a lot in common. They both utilize the exact same barber: “Gillette.” Sporting shaved heads as well as sharing a passion for stogies, both worked hard in their young people at family organizations.

” My family members owned Cosmos Dining establishment in Oak Park,” Cosmos recalled. “I was Ten Years old washing meals.” The young dishwasher’s moms and dads were from Greece as well as were familiar with effort. Cosmos filled in wherever needed, waiting tables at 15. Like Khalil, he was seeking a less complicated means to generate income compared to benefiting the household service, which enclosed the late ’80s.

Cosmos compares the cigar experience to an event.

” Cigars bring people together,” he said. “We see white collar guys talking to blue collar individuals. There are no barriers.” A cigar lounge is a location where cigarette smokers could unwind on natural leather sofas as well as conversation with individuals they would not typically meet. They are also excellent areas to view sporting activities, with huge groups drawn to Blackhawk and also Bear video games.

The lounge carries 600-700 various brand names, as well as stocks 3,000 to 4,000 cigars. “Our priciest is $79.95 however we have $200 stogies at our other places.

” Stogies and wine resemble brothers and also siblings,” he claimed. “The soil and also weather establishes the top quality of the product. Both are fermented and also aged.” Nonetheless, cigars are far more labor-intensive compared to wine. “It extracts from 18 months to 2 years to earn a cigar,” Khalil discussed, “A cigar will be touched manually over 200 times prior to it is ready for sale.” To produce one-of-a-kind, rewarding flavors, cigarette from numerous countries are blended right into one cigar.

” You don’t inhale a cigar,” he stated, “So the taste buds are whatever.” Marketing stogies with pleasant blends, the lounge sells stogies seasoned with spices and sugary foods.

” There are so lots of types of cigars, it could be frustrating,” Cosmos confessed. Most of the lounge’s stogies come from Central and also South The U.S.A.. Universe predicts that American financiers will certainly get behind Cuba’s cigar manufacturing.

To even more inform the general public, Casa De Purros will certainly organize month-to-month events. “We’ll have seminars, talks as well as producers that will certainly talk about saving and maturing cigars,” Cosmos claimed. They will certainly even have a demo by cigar rollers, so customers can see just how their cigars are developed.

Khalil believes cigar lounges are an advantage to neighborhood economic situations. “We’re a destination service, offering a specific niche product. Only 3 percent of the populace smokes cigars.”

Cigar fans won’t be completely satisfied simply to visiting his lounge. “They still have to drink and eat,” he said, describing the many restaurants as well as bars that border his shop. “I’ll bring extra service to the area.”

He has actually already signed up with the Chamber of Commerce and will join the upcoming Songs Feast. They will be providing a tent where clients could sample their stogies. Nonetheless, Khalil believes cigars are best enjoyed inside in a climate-controlled environment.

To guarantee his customer’s comfort, Casa De Purros is geared up with a powerful air purification system that entirely rubs the air 9 times an hour. This means 7-8 cigarette smokers could sit around blowing without sustaining a haze in the air.

The lounge likewise supplies various other creature comforts, like coffee and also sodas. Universe intends to create a VIP Area. There will certainly be on the house for membership however VIPs will certainly have to sign an arrangement promising to invest a specific monthly amount at Casa De Purros or among their various other areas.

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